I learned something today I want to share with you. Do you know where to find a redneck? No this not a Jeff Foxworthy setup line, but if you have ever wondered what a redneck is I have found a SURE-FIRE way to find one, drive to the nearest BASS PRO SHOP. My family and I are traveling in Fort Lauderdale, Florida right now and the Bass Pro Shop was right in the same parking lot as our hotel so we had to stop by and check it out.

Starting with the giant shark you could get inside before we even walked in, we had fun!

By the way, next door was actually the Fishing Hall of Fame, which I never even knew existed. I am not a fisherman, so the Hall of Fame and the Bass Pro Shop were all a new experience for me. If you hunt, fish or love NASCAR then this store is FOR YOU!!! Seeing that I enjoy none of the above I found this store a REDNECK PARADISE, and I bust out laughing (out loud) several times. I am not passing any judgment on this one, I just found that when you have passion about something in life you can make a MEGA STORE for it and those who are passionate about it will flock there!

It made me laugh, more importantly it made me THINK! This world is filled with people who like “stuff” but only those passionate in life make BIG DREAMS come true for bunches of people. (Walt Disney, Robert Redford, Ray Crock…)

What’s your passion?

As my fortune cookie told me, “Nothing great in this life is ever created without PASSION.”

Redneck or not, I’ll bet you have your own Bass Pro Shop “Mecca” that you enjoy. What is yours?

Mine has a large white Apple on the front of the store with bite out of the top side 😉