For the last couple of years I have set a goal for how many books I would like to read in one year. 2015 I set a goal for 50 books, and when I did it I thought, “Can I really read almost a book every week of the year?” and the answer is YES I CAN! And I did it this year and below is the list of books I read. All of them will link out to Amazon to show you more about the book if you want to know more about them.

For 2016 I am going about my reading in a different way, I want to really take notes and make solid reviews of each and every book I read. That way I can go back and review my notes at the end of the year and see how each has really impacted my life or business. I will take more effort, but I know that in the past when I have put more effort into things intentionally, the payoff is always worth it! So how many for 2016, I’m not sure yet but I’m thinking 36 books, If I can’t do 3 in a month I think I would be too lax…

These are not in any specific order:

  1. The Motivation Manifesto
  2. The Rise of Superman
  3. Live It!
  4. Scrum
  5. Essentialism
  6. The Best Place to Work
  7. The Starling Project
  8. Grain Brain
  9. The Leap
  10. The Noitcer Returns
  11. Brotherhood
  12. 10% Happier
  13. The Fire Sermon
  14. Artic Fire
  15. Red Cell Seven
  16. Kodiak Sky
  17. The Disney Way
  18. The Hit
  19. The Hard Hat
  20. The Dan Sullivan Question
  21. Automate This
  22. The 10X Rule
  23. Tom Clancy: Under Fire
  24. The Marshmellow Test
  25. Hold Me Tight
  26. The Little Soul and the Sun
  27. The Gold Coast
  28. The Alchemist
  29. You and Me Forever
  30. The Heist
  31. Be A People Person
  32. The Survivor
  33. The Kill Artist
  34. The Inner Circle
  35. H3 Leadership
  36. The Miracle Morning
  37. The Inside-Out Revolution
  38. The Power of Forgiveness
  39. Change the Culture, Change the Game
  40. Getting Things Done
  41. The Scortch Trials
  42. The Death Cure
  43. Contagious
  44. Wonder
  45. Letting Go
  46. Allegiant
  47. Disney U
  48. The Fold
  49. Like Unto Dragons Did They Fight
  50. Wait For Signs
  51. Positive Intelligence
  52. The Book of Mormon

Here is a link to each book so you can read more about them or grab your own copy: