This morning I dropped my son off at his tennis lesson and had an hour to burn, so I decided to wash the car.  While I was washing the car a gentleman pulled up behind me to wait for me to finish and he started talking with me.  He asked about how I like my car and if I only had to fill up the tank once a year… yeah a Prius.  After we chatted for a couple minutes he asked if I was using the debit/credit card feature at the car wash.  I told him yes I was and he told me what happened just last week at this same bay in the self-serve car wash.

“Last week there was a guy that used his credit card on this bay and he just turned the spray wand off and didn’t push STOP on the credit card part.”  He went on to tell me that the next few people that went through the bay just turned the wand on and used his card to wash their cars.  He got up to the machine to put his coins in and saw that the card was still running.  He pushed STOP and put his own money in to wash his car.

“Can you believe that people would have no integrity over just a few dollars to wash their car?”  I told him, “It is amazing what people will no when they think no one is watching!”

integrity-2So herein lies my question today, WHERE DOES INTEGRITY START AND STOP FOR YOU?  Is it only for hundreds or thousands of dollars, is it for the few dollars to wash your car for “free”, or is it the quarter on the floor that might have fallen out of the pocket to the person in front of you?

When you think of integrity what does that mean to you?  Do you think “moral soundness” or “an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting” like the dictionary describes it? Or is it something different to you?

In a world where integrity and honesty seem to come in short supply ask yourself this simple question:  Where does it start and stop?  If you tell yourself and other that you are honest or that you have integrity, does that mean completely?

I’m not here to hold up the torch of perfection, just to shine a flashlight of inquisition so we can think about where we may have to do some reparations and how we choose to be in the future.  Tell me your thoughts…