Ok my fellow workout enthusiast this workout is a TUFFY that can really put the hurt on ya!  Simple enough:

    Click to view on YouTube.

  1. 3 min Jump Rope Warm-up (Simple Bounce)
  2. 30 sec TRX Muscle Up
  3. 30 sec EACH LEG TRX Single Leg Squat
  4. 20 sec TRX Muscle Up (again)
  5. 2 x 60 sec Jump Rope Basic Bounce (counting jumps)
  6. 30 sec TRX Atomic Push-up
  7. 30 sec EACH SIDE TRX Suspended Side Plank
  8. 30 sec TRX “Y” to “I” Raises
  9. 30 sec TRX Suspended Mountain Climber
  10. 2 x 60 sec Jump Rope Alternate Footstep (counting jumps)

Try that bad boy out and comment here or on my Facebook Profile what you think of it…

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