This weekend Tricia went to a class on Foot Zoning (I will talk a lot about that on another post) and she gave me the opportunity to have Daddy WEEKEND!
The photo above is of my middle son Korbyn, he started throwing up last night and all morning, so it is not too fun today. We have the warmest day of the year, two days into Spring, the air is clear and the sky is perfect and we can’t go out and play! We did get the Quads out for a short ride yesterday before the sickness hit Korby, and man it was fun.
Kadyn was riding his quad that he got for Christmas and HE HAD A LEARNING EXPERIENCE! I have taught him how to brake and how to accelerate and turn, but putting that in practice coming down a big steep hill with rocks, that he had yet to encounter. So I was on my big quad behind him as we started down the hill and he was not slowing down. I could see his hands trying to pull the brakes and it was not slowing down. I started FREAKING out inside and wanted to get in front of him some how and try to stop him. Faster and faster he sped bouncing off rocks, but amazingly staying right on the path. Just before the path turned a hard right corner he got it to slow down and stopped. HE WAS SCARED TO DEATH!! (as was I) and we talked about how important it is to learn how to pull the brakes if he got into that situation again. I told him how proud of him I was that he didn’t bail off his machine and have it crash into the trees, and that he got it to stop, it really was remarkable! Sometimes we all have to learn by experiences so shocking.. but the key is learning it so well that we remember next time!