Monday Matters “What can you learn from PANDORA?” – Monday Matters “What can you learn from PANDORA?”

  • NyssaSmithRealtor

    LOL! The shower’s my great thinking time too! Many of my big ideas came out of my shower time!

  • kenmontville

    I’m on board with your larger point about being grateful for what you have even if it’s not that great. I’m not fully on board with what I was hearing about dealing with people or situations that are dragging me down. If a client is taking me from house to house and can’t focus and won’t trust expertise to help them achieve their goals than I need to let them go (maybe to the agent that will take anyone). Sometimes nothing brings everything back into focus and more positive energy into life.

  • rightactionconvivia

    Lol. you are right on.. BTW. Living on Prayer was Bon Jovi.. lol! But your point is well taken and received.

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